Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Little Things

So this is what my blog has to come apparently. Behold, a public restroom photo.

Yep, folks. That just happened. I not only found inspiration in a public bathroom, BUT I also whipped out the old iPhone and took a picture in a bathroom stall. Creeper much?

Why is this stall blog worthy and photo worthy you're probably asking yourself? I will tell you why. See the 1 inch gap between the stall door and the door frame? Exactly. There isn't one for you to notice. Finally people, someone gets it! Someone gets me. They have heard my cries.

I've often wondered why in the world there must be such a huge gap between stall doors in communal bathrooms? Why is it necessary to leave enough space that an innocent bystander is forced to take part in your potty experience? Why is it necessary to be able to see if the person in stall 3 has on her Tuesday undies when it is clearly Wednesday? And why, oh why, does the much awaited "open stall" always seem to be the one that faces the entrance so that every single person who walks in gets to see your business and how you handle it? Thanks, but no thanks. I for one, like to keep my business private. You're welcome.

So to the genius behind the door design at a local restaurant, I'd like to hug you, high five you, and create a billboard in your honor to inspire others in the potty industry that clearly are not as wise as you. You're a game changer, yes, you are. Thanks for being a protector of all things private, intimate, and personal. Now come and get your high five! Don't worry, I washed my hands;)

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