Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Family of Five

It's official, our family grew by 2 last week! Please meet the newest 'Bergs, Pearl and Merle.

It's not the best photo in the world, but at least you get the drift. Aren't they cute?

Rockford has a ton of geese, however our yard hadn't seen too many visitors lately due to all of the snow. When this sweet couple came by last Tuesday for a visit, I treated them to some birdseed. You know, just to be a good host and all. Tim said they'd come back if I fed them, but for me, that made all the more sense, although I'm not sure he meant it to be encouraging. I've been wanting chickens for awhile now, so this seemed like a great test run without the ownership and crowing.

Wednesday, the hubs texted me the photo above along with "you've created a monster". My heart smiled. If those are monsters, well then they're cutest, feathered monsters that I ever did see!

By Friday evening I was convinced that we needed to build them a goose hut so they could stay all night and not get cold. I pitched the thought to my husband who looked at me puzzled. So I followed up the initial suggestion with "you know, a hut, like a fort or a tent...a hut for the geese." He frankly replied "I know what a hit is. We're just not building one for geese. Umm, no."

Whatever, give me a few more weeks to sweet talk him. I think a goose hut could really boost our resale value;)

So there you have it. The 'Bergs are now Tim, Britt, Wrigley (Piggy), Pearl and Merle. And I've been told that mating season is right around corner. Give me some grandgeese, Pearl!!! I'm totally down with spoiling them rotten with only the finest french bread crumbs.

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