Friday, April 12, 2013

High Fives Friday

On this cold, rainy day and the last 4 days just like it this week, I'm giving out high fives all around for a few things that bring sunshine to a dreary day:
  • My first Chicago Bulls game last night. Da Bulls broke the NY Knicks 13 game winning streak. #Sorrynotsorryknicks #Dabulls #Thanksrizvi

    • Exepriencing my first prescriped prairie burn at my Aunt's house last weekend. The family that burns together, stays together. Check out the video on my FB page for the full affect. Crazy flames!
    • Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. It's my newest addiction. I crave hang out time with these 4 girls. My husband can never get the name right so I'm often asked if I'm going to watch my Dirty Little Liars, Pretty Little Divas, etc... "Gotta secret, can ya keep it, swear this one you'll save..."

    • This black bean salad. So good!
    • A nap on this rainy weekend. Or a few naps.
    • Cuddles with my little Piggy.
    • Dinner with the Freibergs this weekend after their 3 month long vacation in Alabama.
    • Planning fun bridal and baby showers for the amazing women in my life.
    • Caffeine in any form
    • Busting out the grill again, finally! #Puttingthehubbytowork
    • It's Friday. Nuff said.

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