Monday, April 22, 2013

High Five Friday

I know, I know, you're probably thinking to yourself that today is Monday and you'd certainly be correct in that thought. However, I used my Friday post for something else and since I'm the Editor and Chief over here, my thought process is "who cares, I'm gonna post my high fives today". Booyah. Or Booyah-shaka depending on which of my friends is saying it.

My High Fives for last week:
  • The flood waters in Illinois FINALLY parted on Saturday and we escaped without any water in the basement. Most people we know were not so lucky:(

  • The sun has finally made an appearance! Hallelujah!
  • This song . There's just something old-school, juke box charm to it.
  • Starting the process of repainting the exterior of our home. Our girl needs a face lift, like yesterday.  We're thinking light gray with an aqua door. Whatcha think?

  • This little cutie. I may or may not have watched this 50 times in 48 hours. What?
  • Pizza and movie night with my mom, dad and brother while Tim was out of town. Reunited and it felt so good.
  • Partaking in a special night out with 7 other couple-friends for a guest chef, 5 course dinner and local drink pairings at Anderson Japanese Gardens. It was fun to feel a bit more sassy than your typical Saturday night while enjoying good food and even better conversation.
  • Planning the hubs birthday in June. We spent his birthday last year packing up my entire life, which does not a birthday make, so this year we're going to do it right!
  • Being one week closer to trips to Nashville, Charleston and Las Vegas.
  • Our criminal justice systems catching the bad guys! Well done, ladies and gents. And in only 5 days?! Your rock, Merica! Booyah.

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