Monday, March 11, 2013

Vacation Hangover

I've officially been on vacation time for the last 10 days, hence my hiatus from the blog world. It was glorious. I slept in, ate horribly but deliciously, and did whatever my little heart desired. Again, glorious, I tell you.

But today, on this first Monday back, I have a wicked vacation hangover. I want to be back in my sweats, with a coffee or tea in hand, and away from any work emails that start with "when you get back..." I fear the only cure for said hangover is another vacation day, or possibly more cowbell.

My only saving grace today is that it's Monday which means it's Bachelor day. AND, my momma is coming over to watch it with the hubby and I while we carb-load over some pasta and garlic bread.  Thankfully, I married well and my hubby is just as stoked for the finale tonight. I don't know what I'd do if he wasn't a fan? Who would hold me accountable from googling every spoiler that I could get my hands on today?!

Happy Bachelor Finale Day!!

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hmgarver421 said...

So much awesomeness in one post! <3