Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dirty Little Secret

I'm about to let you into my inner circle. The place where the real, unfiltered me lives. The place that I try to hide from the rest of the world for fear that it will point a harsh finger, throw judgy words, and then turn it's big world back on me to never be seen again.

The time has come to share my secret with the world in an effort to gain some accountability.

My name is Brittany and I'm a water hoarder. Always have been. The hope of a full recovery is not promising, but the first step is admitting...well, you know the rest.

This is what my night stand looks like on any given day/bedtime.

Ugh, right?! I'm seriously afraid that if I don't take control of this habit/dirty secret, that I'm going to accidentally drown bury Wrigley in the mess one of these days.

I sometimes feel like maybe I'm suffering from PTSD and there was a time when my parents deprived me of water for bad behavior; so now as an adult, I feel I must stock pile hydration sources. Having 12 different containers of water next to your bed in a week's time is obviously due to some childhood trauma, right? Okay, mom, spill it! Was a locked closet involved??

Well, there you have it. Judge away if you'd like. I'm not proud of my obsession, but apparently I am a very thirsty person.

And if a war ever breaks out or zombies take over, I'm going to be set for at least 5 days when everyone else on the planet is dying of thirst. Or at least that's what I tell myself with an ounce of self preservation.

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