Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Poodle is Cooler Than Your Poodle

Spoken like a true fur-mom! It's safe to say after 10 years with this pup, that he is the bomb.com, my best friend, the fur love of my life, my first born, and the heartbeat at my feet.

And to showcase my momma pride, take a look at our boy. Isn't he cccccuuuuttttteeeeee??!!

Mama's Pig

Soaking up the sun while everyone paints around his majesty.

Piggy LOVES when daddy comes home from work, especially when they survey the homestead for chipmunks and squirrels together. Look out, Chippies!!

I love sleeping on the job helping momma when she works on furniture in the garage.

My wing man while I was stuck at home all of last week with the flu. He's a better cure than chicken soup any day!

We've learned that if we stand around and look at something intently throughout our home repair phase, Piggy wants to see what all the fuss is about too. Inquisitive little man. Part poodle, part genius!

Brrrrrrrr. My boys try to stay warm in their hoodies when the new furnace wasn't working. 

Checking out his first real fire. Pig Roast!

 Blue Monkey is Wrigley's best pal. Ever. Period. Play together, nap together.

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mama spike said...

I love your blog and my Grandpup Pig!