Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Cheers for...

-Summer hours at work! What what!
-Eating outdoors before it gets way too hot and your make-up melts off of your face before dessert arrives.
-Loving your neighborhood and the fantastic people that come with it all.
-Neighbors that let you crash their pool. I respect generosity.
-Red Velvet ice cream from Ben and Jerry's! Double high-fives for you my men.
-My gym playlist on my iPod. Who knew "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" could be so motivating?!
-Actually enjoying the gym.
-Discvering wild raspberries and blackberries growing in my neighborhood. Those things ain't cheap in the store= score!
-"Rolling In The Deep" by Adele
-Headphones while working out in case the creepy man wants to try and talk your ear off.
-Birthday Fiestas
-Maxi dresses, rompers, and new flip flops!!
-The beach. D.U.H.
-Did I mention summer hours at work?!
-Feeling like blogging again:)

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hmgarver421 said...

Hooray for blogging again!!!