Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I Was Glad to Come Home to After Nicaragua!

  • Drinkable tap water

  • Not having to take bottled water into the bathroom to brush my teeth

  • Less heat and humidity. Geez, I forget how hot it is there!!! We ain't seen nothing, Charleston!

  • No gallo pinto for 365 days (no more rice and beans, por favor)!

  • My dog.

  • My bed and my duvet! Sleeping with: 1) bugs in your bed on the last 2 nights= not cool. 2) sleeping with only a paper thin sheet while a fan blows on you= Brrrrr. Even in 90 degree temps it's chilly.

  • Sharing stories with my family and those that ask.

  • Clean, dry clothes.

  • The luxuries of paved roads, houses not made out of tin and dirt floors, etc...that I tend to take for granted.

Things That I Was Not Excited to Come Back to:

  • Having to wear make-up.

  • Having to do my hair.

  • Having to pick out clothes every day.

  • Everyday tasks that I have to do, but that don't contribute anything to my life.

  • The readjustment phase. I hoped it got easier each time. I'm learning that is just not so.

  • Figuring out how to hold close everything I learned there, and not let the faces and names drift away.

  • Being away from that beautiful country and those beautiful people for 365 days.

  • Leaving behind Pio Quinto! A dessert that I am convinced the Lord himself created for our pleasure!

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