Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fanny Pack

So last week I had to run to the campus gift shop to purchase gifts for our presenters at a conference we were hosting. Apparently with it being Corps Day weekend, every shopper received a free fanny pack. Oh. Wow. Really? You shouldn't have.

As I left (sans free fanny pack) the lady by the door wanted to make sure that I had in fact received my free gift of said fanny pack. I had not and was 110% fine without my gift. Regardless of my gratefulness and "please give mine to someone who is visiting and not an employee" attitude, she was dead set on my leaving with a Citadel blue fanny pack. Now what on earth am I going to do with a fanny pack?? Especially one that says Citadel Bulldogs? Duh. I'm going to rock that thing!

Today seemed like a great day to sport it around the office to pick my spirits up, so rock it I did. Sort of. I noticed that there was no clasp in the back for easy access and there was definitely no adjustable strap either. Did they expect this to be one size fits all AND do they expect the wearers to step into and out of it every time they wanted to wear it? Hello, awkward. No wonder this thing was free! Someone must have gotten a sweet deal on these defunct things.

After shimmying the fanny pack up my legs and over my hips, I was now ready to wear my Bulldog gear with pride. Or at least I was until my coworker nonchalantly asked if I was wearing a lunch bag around my waist. "What? How stupid would that be" I thought to myself until everything I had just done to get the lame thing on flashed through my head. OMG, I am wearing a non-adjustable lunch bag around my waist. How did this happen?

Thanks Citadel gift shop for my new and way more cooler than a fanny pack lunch tote. I will, in fact, rock this tote sandwich and all. Although I might just slide it over my shoulder next time and not my hips.


rachel said... it!

Walzer travels said...

Just when you thought there was nothing better than a fanny pack... Then came the lunch tote! Miss you and Charleston!

Just A Work In Progress said...

I can so picture this happening! Hilarious Brittany! : )

hmgarver421 said...

Oh that is hysterical! I needed a good laugh!! xoxo