Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Mismar...and his dimples

It's been a couple of days since we first arrived in Rivas, however it only took Mismar one morning to steal my heart. Huge brown eyes + dimples that would make anyone smile= I'm a goner! This sweet 6 year old has become by far one of the highlights of my days here. Tickling him could easily become one of my favorite pass times. We play endless games of hide and seek, or rather Mismar runs around the clinic and I chase him until I catch him, throw him into the air and we start the game over. He loves to be spun in circles, loves watermelon (which I quietly sneak him my piece everyday during our lunch breaks), and has the best giggle I've heard in a long time. The best moment yet with him took place today after lunch. The church worship band played Open the Eyes of My Heart for us, and as we all worshiped together, my eyes were drawn to the cutest little Nicaraguan who was joyful smiling, dimples in full force, and clapping along to the music. I can already tell on only day 3 of the clinic that I am going to miss this boy when we leave. A LOT. Heart get ready.

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