Friday, April 24, 2009

Being a Home Owner Means...

...Fixing things when they break, or in my case, calling the people who can fix the things when they break. Worrying about hurricanes and wildfires versus praying that they'd come close enough to me to get a day off of work/school. Caring when some people wear shoes on my new carpet (yikes, I'm becoming my mother;). Putting every spare cent you have into maintaining your first place solo. Ensuring a safe and happy place for roommates to live. Changing air filters, water filters, and light bulbs (you mean they don't actually change themselves?!). Being poor regardless of how many hours you work.

However, it also means driving to your own little slice of "heaven" after a long day of work. Having a place you miss when you stay in a hotel. Being able to invite friends over for meals, TV premiers, and game nights. Having a place that family from Illinois wants to and enjoys visiting. Offering a safe place for a friend to stay when her own living situation turns south. Seeing something you waited for patiently, worked hard for, and prayed about come together piece by piece right before your very eyes. And last but not least, after all these years, having a place to call home aside from your parent's house.

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