Monday, March 2, 2009

Faith, lived out

Yesterday I was privileged enough to get a glimpse first hand of what faith can truly look like embraced whole heartedly. One of my best friends, and one of the best people I know, was hit by some unexpected challenges in her life over the last month or so. After rejoicing with friends and family about their soon to be newest family member, the same couple was given news that their “first” had unexpectedly stopped growing and that a heartbeat was no longer present. How any mother and father can handle such news I’ll never know, but sadly it was their news to handle somehow.

Being hundreds of miles away from any close friends and all family members, we have all sat back and watched our beautiful friend struggle without knowing the right words to say and without being able to just sit with her while she grieved. I know none of the trials they faced were easy, but as I sat with her for a bit yesterday, I was in awe of how amazing her attitude, outlook, and faith truly is. I’ve seen this friend through the lose of someone close to her, through the heartbreak of boys, and now through the heartache of losing a child, and never have I seen her take her eyes off of the Lord, but instead watched her lean solely on her faith, and not on understanding as I am sure there is none in times like that.

Although I didn’t have the strength to say it to her yesterday, I am so proud, so thankful and so blessed to be her friend. She is beautiful inside and out, day in and day out. Her heart is golden and her faith is immeasurable. She will make an incredible mother some day and until that day comes, God-willing, I promise to pray. I promise to pray for the continuing healing of your body, heart, and mind, and I will continue to thank the Lord for blessing us all with your presence. Some tiny baby is going to be very lucky one day!

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