Monday, October 27, 2008

Great Things Are Yet to Come

With economic hardships surrounding all of us, regardless of our city, our job title, and our socio-economic status, I cannot help but turn to God for guidance, peace, and strength. With local food banks not having enough food to feed families who have lost work and with families that are fortunate enough to still have work feeling stretched due to rising prices and living costs, I go to bed nightly praying that things do no get worse.

This Wednesday I will attend the 7th Annual Charleston Leadership breakfast with 9 other members of our staff at The Citadel Foundation. I am so excited to be seated with 9 Christians from my office who are all there for the same lift our city up in prayer. Aside from our table of ten, hundreds of Charleston community members will have one focus that morning, regardless of home church, denomination, and personal prayer requests. WE will be together lifting up this City, OUR city, to the Lord who holds us in His hands and I cannot help but to believe that there are greater things yet to come, and greater things still to be done in this city.

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lanameyers said...

Great use of a very powerful Worship song. We all need to lift up in prayer our cities these days. It is a sign of the times.